Burning Mountain Festival, 29.6. – 2.7.2017, that’s in:




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Art theme 2017

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Next year will mark the 7th edition of our gathering in the Alps. For this [...]

Thank you so much!

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We called for the sea and the sea we got. It was unbelievable. After weeks [...]

We support OceanCare!

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Since 1989, OceanCare has been working on conservation and research projects worldwide in a global [...]

Many new performers joining in…

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We never had so many performers like this year at Burning Mountain. From all over [...]

Garbage Deposit

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Our garbage has become a massive and exponentially growing problem in modern society (not only [...]

Welcome to the cinema of surrealities

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  For the first time we will install a cinema and show short films and [...]

Didgeridoo Intro by Keyaki

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The opening of our mainstage has always been a very celebrated moment and we usually [...]

Plenty new workshops

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Our workshop section is getting really busy lately. We are now almost fully booked and [...]


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All tickets include 4 days at the festival.
What is the goal of the Burning Mountain Festival? The Burning Mountain Festival is a 4 days experience of radical self expression and self commitment. The goal of the Festival is all about community and culture. It’s an open canvas where you can leave your marks. It’s a social survival camp. As our social life is transforming more and more into a digital way, we want to be able to connect and exchange and interact “offline” with each other. The Burning Mountain Festival is not about consuming, it is about participating. We believe that this peaceful interaction is best achieved through commitment and sharing. The unifying action is dancing. Therefore, music will always be a great part of our culture.
Participate! The Burning Mountain Festival is what YOU make out of it. We are constantly looking for volunteers who want to get involved. In recent years we have pushed the artist community and helped them finance their projects and to create unique installations and sculptures. Or you wanna lead a yoga class, give fire juggling workshops, do massage or teach hoola hoop to someone? Our PsyClean crew is happy for everyone help them to keep the grounds clean and tidy. This doesn’t quite belong to you? We also welcome a strong hand to help us set up the infrastructure. Get involved here!
The Burning Mountain Festival is an annual electronic art & music festival. It is organized by the Burning Mountain Society, a nonprofit association. Burning Mountain is a registered trademark in Switzerland.