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2018 Ticket Price Structure

Early Bird

CHF119-5 Day
  • Festival Pass

Level 1

CHF139-5 Day
  • Festival Pass

Level 2

CHF159-5 Day
  • Festival Pass

Level 3

CHF179-5 Day
  • Festival Pass

Gate Price

CHF200-5 Day
  • Festival Pass

There are no day passes, only festival passes. The earlier you buy it, the cheaper it will be. All tickets entitle for 5 days at the festival.


► Direct ticket link via Starticket: Order in English, Order in German, Order in French, Order in Italian
► We strongly advice to buy your tickets in advance as they CAN sell out.
► NO daily passes will be sold.
► NO tickets will be sold in presale during the last day of the event: Saturday midnight through Sunday.
► NOTE: the different levels for tickets only indicate different price levels. If level 1 is sold out, level 2 is going on sale
► All tickets include 5 days at the festival
► Tickets are non-refundable, even if you do not attend the event.
► You must bring your ticket(s) with you to enter Burning Mountain. No one will be admitted without a valid ticket.


► Parking area tickets for CAR / CAMPER / CARAVAN are ONLY in pre sale available
► Each CAR will be charged with 20 CHF. In other words you need to buy ONE parking area ticket PER CAR
► Each CAMPER / CARAVAN will be charged with 35 CHF. In other words you need to buy ONE parking area ticket PER CAMPER / CARAVAN
► Vehicles with a trailer don’t need any extra ticket
► Pitching a tent in the parking area is forbidden ! Tents in the parking area will be removed by security


► Is already included in the festival ticket


Tickets can also be purchased at:

STARTICKET: Tickets may be purchased with a credit card via the internet. Deadline for purchasing tickets from Starticket is Wednesday, June 22 at noon. and by phone dial 0900 325 325 (CHF 1.19/min. from fixed network). From abroad it’s 0041 900 325 325. Tickets from Starticket can be printed at home. You must bring your ID and StuCard used to purchase the ticket(s).

Or at the following point of sales in Switzerland:

► Alle Filialen der Schweizerischen Post mit Ticketvorverkauf
► Zürich Tourismus (im Hauptbahnhof Zürich)
► Filiale der Liechtensteinischen Post in Vaduz
► Alle BLS Reisezentren und SOB Bahnhöfe in der CH
► Infostellen von Heidiland Tourismus
► Musik Hug (Zürich)
► Olmo Ticket (Bern)
► Bider & Tanner (Basel)
► and many more…

Common problems:

► Friend who came earlier has it inside the Festival
► Forgot ticket at home
► Ticket packed in stuff and can’t find it
► Please do not do any of these, if you do you will have to purchase a new ticket at the GATE PRICE in order to be admitted to the Village. – No Exceptions –
► Make sure everyone in your group has their ticket before leaving home and keep it in a safe, accessable place while traveling.
► NOTE: Tickets may be left at entrance for a friend to pick up later.
► No children under 18 will be admitted.


► We are happy to announce ESTONIA / LITHUANIA / LATVIA as our guest countries for the festival 2017
► We are giving 200 free tickets in total to ESTONIA / LITHUANIA / LATVIA nationals who are LIVING in ESTONIA / LITHUANIA / LATVIA
► ESTONIA / LITHUANIA / LATVIA nationals are required to show our gate crew a proof of residency in ESTONIA / LITHUANIA / LATVIA
► How to apply: Please send an e-mail with a copy of your passport and proof of residency to
► You DON’T get a ticket without our e-mail confirmation
NOTE: If you come by car/camper/caravan: the parking area tickets have to be bought in pre sale (even if you come from the guest country!)

Burning Mountain is a temporary art community, held in the Engadin Valley of Grisons, Switzerland. An experiment in radical self-expression, now in its 6th year. We ask that you to ! LEAVE NO TRACE ! when you depart.